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Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK

If you want to enjoy the mixture of role playing and classic fights in single game, this is one of the best developed for that. Do martial arts techniques and equip your character with lethal weapons to destroy your enemy. Win the fights to explore different game modes, tournaments and combat with titans.

Download and play shadow fight 2 titan mod apk full game latest and updated version for free and enjoy astonishing actions and tactics. You can also play this game on iOS, get it from store.

Game Overview

Countless Weapons

There are a lot of weapons in the game divided into several categories. You can buy knives, knuckles and other deadly martial arts weapons from shop.

Other weapon categories are boss, challenger and special event weapons with many different types of weapons. Every weapon has its own damage level and provided in the game according to the levels or the money. There is also a special version of  the game, shadow fight special edition with a lot of lethal weapons.

Armor Sets

Many different armor sets are provided to the players to enhance their capability of self-defense against enemy.

Some of the main armors in shadow fight 2 by nekki are robe, old leather jacket, kendo breastplate, red doublet and snake harness.

Martial Arts Techniques

Perform different martial arts techniques to kill and defeat your enemy. Jump and kick, punch him with different weapons and breaks his ribs, slash and throw with technical power.


The most powerful enemies in the game are demons. Some of the demons are Lynx, Hermit, Butcher, Wasp, Widow, and Shogun. Every demon has its own difficulty level of combatting and defeating, equipped with special types of weapons and skills.   

Game Modes

Enjoy several game modes in the game just as you do in pixel gun 3d game. Take part in tournaments, fight with the enemy and win coins and XP as reward. Other modes are survival, boss fights, duels, challenge, and old wounds.

Some special game modes includes challenger fights, ascension, gates of shadows.

The gate of shadows is the game mode which take place when shogun is defeated. You have to fight against the demon bosses and defeat them again to close the shadow gate. However it’s a good mode as the player is rewarded with coins even if he is defeated.

There are five mini boss fights in the game, Cypher, Cronos, Ancient, Shroud. At the end of mini games in shadow fight 2 titan boss fight takes place, challenged by May to the players when all bodyguards of titans are defeated.

Underworld Fighting Mode

In the Underworld multiplayer mode, you can make an alliance with other players to defeat the demon bosses. Destroy the shield of boss in the given time otherwise you will lose the fight.

Six Worlds

The game is composed of six different worlds with full action and fighting. A lot of challenges and combats with demons and bosses take place. You can also check shadow fight 3 game, the upgraded version of SF2.

Player Customization

You can also customize your player with different swords, martial arts weapons, powers and armor suits.

Offline Mode

The best feature of shadow fight 2 game is that you can play it offline. You only require internet for buying items from store, or download game files after completing a chapter and moving to a new.


The game has more realistic animations. Soundtracks of actions are really attractive and force player to repeat. Graphics quality is excellent.  Controls are made easy with the newly developed fighting interface for touchscreens in the new update.

When you begin, you will have to face some easy characters, even the beginners can beat them easily, but as you move forward, the game becomes tougher, characters becomes hard to beat.

Actions and martial arts skills like kick, punches are super natural. Weapons are easy to use and hold. Game mechanics are smoother. Storyline is interesting and enjoyable. Download shadow fight 2 titan mod apk we provided and enjoy the game with full fun.

Shadow Fight 2 Titan MOD APK Features

  • Unlimited money
  • Unlimited coins
  • Unlimited gems
  • All weapons unlocked
  • Unlimited health and energy
  • Max level
  • Unlimited rubies
  • All maps and acts unlocked
  • Ultra titan
  • Unlimited everything
  • No ads
  • Free

Unlimited Gems and Money

Gem Gems or rubies are considered as the premium currency in the game. They are used to upgrade weapons and buy items from store, used in the underworld mode. However you cannot buy knives with gems as they are bought by coins, but you can substitute gems with coins.

Gems are earned in the game by playing games and winning quests. They are also earned by watching ads. This is a lengthy and difficult process.

You can also buy gems with real money but it’s expensive. Download the latest version of shadow fight 2 mod apk game and get unlimited gems and money and upgrade your items for free from the store.

Unlimited Coins

Coins are the primary currency of the game which is earned by fighting games. You can get more coins by performing difficult and hard moves like high kicks, jumps etc. You can also exchange gems with coins.

Coins are used to buy items and upgrade gear from store. Buy knives and other weapons with them.

To get unlimited coins, download the shadow fight 2 apk mod version game app in your android and buy anything from the store.

All Weapons Unlocked

The two main types of weapons in the game are standard weapons and super weapons. You can use coins or gems to upgrade or purchase standard weapons. However, super weapons can be purchased or upgraded by gems only.

You can have unlimited gems and coins with the shadow fight 2 real apk so you can unlock all weapons easily using them.

Max Level

A player can advance in the game by participating in the quests, gaining experience and increasing XP, taking part in the boss fights, tournaments, bodyguard fights and completing other challenges, upgrading the equipment and making progress in the game story.

You can unlock all levels and reach max level with the modded apk app version of shadow fight 2 titan game.

All Maps and Acts Unlocked

There are different maps in the game. These maps are divided into different acts of game modes like underworld, different tiers of underworld, dojo and other modes. You have to unlock them gradually by going up winning and gaining successes.

All the maps and acts are unlocked with the shadow fight 2 mod apk latest version, just download it and enjoy.

Ultra Titans

Ultra titans comes when the gates of shadows are closed. These are super boss of the game. You have to fight them in different rounds to kill. Train titans and equip them to play titan vs titan.

Shadow fight 2 mod apk will provide you all titans and the ultra-titans unlocked. Train titans and equip them to play titan vs titan.

No Ads

Ads pop up in the game literally after every second and they destroyed the game totally. But if you have downloaded the shadow fight 2 apk mod, you can enjoy the game without disturbance of ads.


Shadow fight 2 titan game is the best action game in which you can perform amazing acrobatic skills and can use martial arts weapons like dadao, two handed mace, coral prickles, labryses and others to defeat and kill rivals.

Use punches, kicks and other martial arts moves to destroy your enemy. Fight with titans and boss in the different game levels and modes. Game graphics, sound quality and controls are awesome.

You can get unlimited everything with the shadow fight 2 mod akp latest version to enjoy the game with all the best available resources unlocked. It’s safe and free for android.

Shadow Fight 2 PC

You can download and play shadow fight 2 game for pc using emulator. The gameplay on pc is amazing, controls are easy. Requirements differs for every pc. However, this mod apk version is not usable for pc version.

How to Download and Install Mod Apk

  • Just click on the Download Mod Apk button.
  • Install “Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK” on your android.
  • Follow the instructions given.
  • Open the MOD APK app menu and enjoy the game with unlimited resources.


Who is the strongest boss in shadow fight 2?

Hermit is considered as the hardest boss.

How to get free weapons in shadow fight 2?

Weapons in the SF2 game are unlocked and upgraded with gems or coins. To get free weapons, use our shadow fight 2 mod apk game app.

The best weapons in the game are blood reaper, staff of night, butterfly swords, kusarigama, glaive, pharaoh’s khopheshes.

How to get lynx claws in shadow fight 2?

Lynx claws are very helpful weapon for player because of its longer range. Defeat lynx in the eclipse mode after completing act 1, and get the claws.

How to get monk set in shadow fight 2?

Ascension is the special fight type in the game. you have to win this fight to get monk set.

What is special edition of shadow fight 2?

Special edition is the paid version of SF2 game for android and iOS where you are rewarded with more gems and prizes easily. Actually you have paid their price.

What's new

*Bug fixes


-New Events and Competitions



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